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RightSearch is the university’s recruitment program. Together with Careers@USF, our online recruiting and position description system, it provides the “right” process in search of the “right” candidates to add to our accomplished workforce. It provides the framework in which to conduct effective and productive searches and gives hiring managers the tools necessary, including guidelines on processes, forms and procedures, to ensure a successful recruitment process.

Our first commitment is to attract and hire talented individuals by providing hiring authorities with the tools to find, interview and select the best candidates.

Our second commitment is to successfully retain our employees through ongoing development, by recognizing the productive and creative results of our people and by encouraging their career growth and advancement.

USF is an equal opportunity, equal access academic institution that embraces diversity in the workplace. We are committed to conducting thorough searches to ensure that strong candidate pools are formed and the best candidate is selected for every single position. Recruitment and selection decisions are important – for the university and for the applicant. We believe success starts at the very beginning of the recruitment process.

In addition to providing departments with the resources they need to attract and hire external candidates, RightSearch provides an internal recruitment process to give departments the flexibility to recognize, search for and hire the best candidate for the position if that person is within USF, without requiring an external search. We recognize the value internal candidates bring to new positions and the benefits of building and developing employees who can grow within their departments as well as across the various academic and organizational disciplines throughout the university.

For questions during the recruitment process, contact your HR Service Consultant in your Service Center. All exhibits and forms referenced can be found in the HR Forms Library.



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