RightSearch - Post Retirement Employment

The university disfavors the practice of re-hiring any retired employee to the same or similar position in which that individual was previously employed. However, such re-hiring may be permitted if one of the following exceptional circumstances demonstrates that the re-hire is:

  • Limited in time to no more than twelve (12) months for the purpose of allowing an adequate search process to identify and hire a replacement.
  • In response to a bona fide emergency or exigency requiring the unique skills and expertise of the employee and limited in time to the duration of the emergency situation.
  • Due to a lack of qualified applicants capable of performing the assigned duties of the position after a diligent search process has been undertaken.
  • To avoid an adverse impact upon an externally funded research project, center or engagement.

If a search is conducted in which a USF retiree is the final selected candidate, the hiring authority must upload the Post Retirement Employment Form with the hiring proposal in Careers@USF. Please note that this form is required only when the position for which the USF retiree has been selected is the same or similar position under which the retiree was previously employed.

For more information, refer to the Post-Retirement Employment Policy 0-614.