RightSearch - Posting the Position

A hiring department may choose either to post internally only (open to current USF employees) or to post both internally and externally at the same time. In keeping with the university’s equal access and equal opportunity employment practices, all Administration and Staff vacancies must be posted, unless an exception is granted. Exceptions to the posting requirement must be approved by the Diversity & Equal Opportunity Office (DEO) (DEO) via the DEO waiver process. For more information, contact Human Resources or DEO.

1. Complete the Job Posting Details section in Careers@USF and indicate if the position will be posted internally only or both internally and externally.

2. Indicate the application deadline

  • All positions must be posted for a minimum of seven (7) calendar days. The hiring authority may choose to post for a longer duration from the start or to re-post the position upon the expiration of the initial seven (7) days. The minimum time for re-posting (or re-opening) a position is seven (7) days.

  • In order to generate a sufficient and diverse applicant pool, the hiring authority may choose “open until filled” in lieu of a deadline date. In such cases, the posting will be open for the minimum seven (7) days and will remain open until the hiring manager and/or recruiter believes a sufficient applicant pool has been established.

  • Staff positions designated as “time-limited” must be posted as such. Time-limited positions are those positions funded by a contract/grant or an auxiliary fund for a temporary and specified period of time.

3. A position must be re-posted in the same location for at least seven (7) calendar days if any of the following conditions of employment are modified:

  • Salary;

  • Required minimum qualifications;

  • Percentage of the appointment (Full Time Equivalent/FTE); and/or
  • Application deadline.

4. If the initial posting does not generate an appropriate applicant pool, the hiring authority should consider additional locations to publicize the position opening, such as advertising in the Chronicle of Higher Education and other publications.

Contact your HR Service Consultant in your Service Center for assistance in developing and designing an effective recruitment strategy.