RightSearch - Preparing for Recruiting

Preparing for Recruiting

1. Obtain approval from the appropriate authority to fill the available position (in accordance with departmental procedures).

2. Conduct an analysis of the vacant position to determine the following:

  • What are the duties and responsibilities of the position and what is the position designed to accomplish?
  • Is the position classified correctly?
  • What is an appropriate salary range for the position?
  • How does the position align with the organizational structure of the department and college/administrative unit?
  • Does the department have unmet needs that the position will fill? If it cannot fill the needs, might there be another way to structure the position to accomplish the critical needs of the department?
  • What are the implications of upcoming organizational changes for the position?
  • Who can provide additional information about the position before writing the job posting?

For assistance with this analysis, contact your HR Service Consultant in your Service Center.

3. Using the Careers@USF online recruiting system, prepare a job posting that reflects the duties and responsibilities of the position as described in the current Position Description (PD).

4. Outline the selection criteria for the position using the current PD, and set up criteria screening questions via Careers@USF in the Posting Specific Questions tab. Selection criteria are necessary and critical tools in the selection process that guides the hiring authority in determining which applicants meet the qualifications for the position. Selection criteria should be:

  • Established before a position is advertised or posted.

  • Clearly defined and relevant to the position.

  • Used to evaluate applicants for the position.

  • Aligned with the needs of the department.

Applicants selected for interviews should possess at least the minimum qualifications and the strongest combination of knowledge, skills, abilities and experience to perform the duties and responsibilities of the position.

5. Determine if a search committee will be utilized. See Roles and Responsibilities (under Find It) for screening/search committee responsibilities.

Exhibits and forms can be found in the HR Forms Library.