RightSearch - Reviewing Applications/Resumes

1. Only applications received prior to the advertised deadline in Careers@USF will be considered as part of the recruitment.

2. After submitting an application through Careers@USF, applicants will receive an automatic acknowledgement notification.

3. If the applicant pool is certified as acceptable, the hiring authority will determine which applicants meet the minimum and preferred qualifications required for the position by carefully reviewing each applicant’s education and previous work experience for:

  • Skills, abilities and competencies related to the position qualifications as outlined in the Position Description (PD).
  • Transferable skills.
  • Prior employment experience (applicability, level of position, etc.).
  • College coursework and degrees. (Note: if the desired candidate does not have the required degree for the position, the hiring authority must request a degree waiver.)

4. Qualified applicants should also be evaluated for:

  • Reasons for leaving an employer.

  • Nepotism issues (conflicts created by employment of relatives in the same work area).

  • Veterans’ Preference (Staff positions only).

  • Information on criminal convictions (not arrests).

When reviewing the application or resume, the reviewer should note items that require follow up or further explanation during the interview. Comments and notes about the applicant should not be recorded within Careers@USF. The data in Careers@USF is public record and is subject to the State of Florida Public Records laws.

5. If an applicant claims Veterans’ Preference for Staff positions and meets the minimum qualifications the applicant must be interviewed (see How to Determine Veterans' Preference).

6. It is the hiring authority’s responsibility to review the official personnel files of all internal applicants and/or former USF employees being interviewed for the position. Official personnel files are located in Human Resources, SVC 2172. Personnel files for USF St. Petersburg are located in USF St. Petersburg Human Resources, BAY 206.

7. Applicants who have a substandard USF performance evaluation in effect or who have received any discipline within the previous six (6) months (excludes counseling and oral reprimands) are not eligible for consideration. Contact Human Resources for assistance. A complete list of requirements for candidates applying for internal recruitment opportunities may be found under Posting the Position for Internal Recruitment.