Student Employee of the Year Award

Thank you for considering to nominate a student for the Student Employee of the Year Award. The National Student Employment Week committee is proud to launch this new award program to recognize the invaluable contributions of our exemplary student employees.


The purpose of the Student Employee of the Year award is to:

  1. Promote a change in culture regarding how student employment is valued among our departments and, ultimately, in the USF community at large.
  2. Promote a student employment environment where our student employees strive to demonstrate exemplary characteristics of work/academic balance, work ethic, communication, & autonomy.
  3. Reward those individual student employees who embody the desired behaviors of this culture change initiative

Who is Eligible?

All currently enrolled USF student employees are eligible for the award, including Federal Work Study employees and graduate assistants, as well as students employed by our on-campus affiliates (Barnes & Noble, Aramark, etc.) and student employees at the regional USF campuses.

How Often?

The Student Employee of the Year Award is awarded annually during National Student Employment Week, which is held each year during the 2nd week of April.

Is it Competitive? What are the Criteria?

Selection is competitive and based upon evaluation of the nominee's strengths in the following 4 areas:

  1. Work/Academic Balance nominee demonstrates excellence in balancing both academic and work responsibilities
  2. Work Ethic nominee demonstrates a commitment to their work through behavior and attitude
  3. Communication nominee demonstrates exceptional communication skills in all aspects of necessary in the workplace
  4. Autonomy nominee demonstrates the ability to be relied upon to do work expected of them and is able to recognize when to ask for assistance

What is the Award?

The selected award recipient's name will be engraved into a 4" X 8" paver that will be placed in the Marshall Student Center Plaza walkway thereby commemorating the winner's unique contributions to USF by becoming a part of USF's student union pathway. Additionally, a reception will honor both the Student Employee of the Year recipient and the Supervisor of the Year recipient. Recipients will be permitted to bring up to 3 guests with them to the reception.

When is the nomination deadline?

Nominations are due Monday, April 1, 2014.

When is the Award Presented?

The reception will be held Thursday, April 17, 2014, where light refreshments will be served.


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