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Professional Development -Facilitation Skills for Trainer's

Facilitation Skills for Trainer's (TRN300)

Type: Instructor Led

Intended Audience: Those who facilitate training classes.

Program Overview: Those who are most effective in the training role exhibit a balance of strong facilitation skills and presentation skills. In this workshop, the third session of a 4-part "Tools for Trainer's" series, participants will develop their skills as facilitators. Participants will learn tools for facilitating interaction, discussion, and learning activities so that:

  • Discussions are on topic and relevant to the purpose of the meeting;

  • Conversations are not dominated by one or two persons;

  • Multiple learning and communication styles are appreciated fro their contributions to the desired results;

  • Learning activities produce meaningful outcomes.


Objectives: Participants will learn the skills essential to effectively facilitate group discussion, interaction, and learning activities.


  • Drawing out input & engaging participation;

  • Managing the flow & focus of conversations;

  • Responding to participant questions;

  • Responding to participant challenges;

  • Managing & monitoring yourself;

  • Designing & facilitating learning activities;

Pre-Requisite Activities: none

Instructor: Gabi Harmon

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