University of South Florida in Lakeland

2011- 2012 Annual Security Report

The Clery Act requires University of South Florida in Lakeland (USFinL) in conjunction with Polk State College (PSC) to publish an annual report that contains statistics for the previous three years of reported crimes that occurred on campus, at off-campus buildings owned or controlled by University of South Florida in Lakeland (USFinL) or joint-use with Polk State College (PSC). The report also includes institutional policies concerning campus security, such as the policies concerning alcohol and drug use, crime prevention, the reporting of crimes, sexual assault, and other matters. Polk County Sheriff’s office provides crime information and prevention for the Polk County area available at the following web site:



The Polk State College Safety/Security Department prepares the Annual Security and Safety Report to comply with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Crime Statistics Act. This report is prepared in cooperation with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office; and the Winter Haven, Lakeland, and Lake Wales Police Departments.

Campus crime, arrest, and referral statistics include those reported to Polk State College Safety/Security and to designated campus officials. Personnel identified as “campus security authorities” by the law include the Winter Haven and Lakeland Provosts and their Academic Deans, Deans of Student Services, the Athletic Director and athletic coaches, and law enforcement agencies.



In the event that a crime or situation occurs either on or off campus that poses a threat to the college community, a timely warning will be issued by the PSC Safety/Security Department including an alert with updates communicated to USFinL. These warnings will be posted on the PSC and the USFinL website home page. USFinL communicates with USF Tampa Safety & Compliance Manager regarding the situation. Appropriate and timely emails are sent out through the USFinL e-mail system to all students, faculty, and staff.



This PSC generated report complies with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Crime Statistics Act and applies to the PSC and USFinL joint-use campus communities. The full text of this report can be found through a link on the PSC website home page. This report is prepared in cooperation with the Polk County Sheriff’s Office and the Winter Haven, Lakeland, and Lake Wales Police Departments and includes reports to Campus Security.

PSC’s annual report information is included in the USFinL Annual Security Report.  For a copy of PSC’s report please contact PSC Security Office, Winter Haven Campus at 863.297.1059.

In addition to the information provided by the above referenced PSC Annual Security report, HEOA-required hate/bias crime reporting categories also included larceny-theft; simple assault; intimidation; destruction, damage, or vandalism of property; and any other crimes reported to a campus security authority or to local police agencies involving bodily injury to any person in which the victim was intentionally selected because of the victim's actual or perceived race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or disability.  No hate/bias crimes were identified in these additional categories for 2009, 2010, and 2011.



In the event of a significant threat to the safety or health of the college community, PSC will immediately notify USFinL.  USFinL Emergency Response Team will then be alerted to the threat.  The USFinL Emergency Response Team will contact the USFinL Associate Vice President for System Initiatives who notifies the USF President’s office regarding the state of the emergency and depending on the emergency the evacuation procedure. The USFinL Emergency Response Team will contact USF Tampa Safety & Compliance Manager who will send out emergency notification thru email, update the USFinL website, and send “MOBULL” alerts to students, faculty, and staff. USFinL follows the guidelines for evacuation set by PSC.  Evacuation rally points are displayed in all classrooms and office areas.  The USFinL Safety Officer stays in constant communication with PSC Safety team.

PSC will use their Emergency Notification System consists of the Wide-Area Emergency Broadcast System (WEBS).  WEBS will broadcast announcements over loudspeakers that are located in outdoor campus locations and to common areas inside campus buildings on the Lakeland Campus.  PSC periodically test the emergency broadcast loudspeakers on the Lakeland Campus.



To report a crime call 911, or call PSC Security at 863-297-1059, or use one of the emergency phones that are located on campus and in the parking lots or call USFinL Safety Officer at 863-667.7999. Any suspicious activity or person seen in the parking lots or loitering around vehicles or inside buildings should be reported to PSC Security 863-297.1059 or USFinL Safety Officer 863-667.7999.

If the call is made to 911, make sure to use a land-line phone if possible.  The 911 operator will be able to tracking the location easier.  Have someone else call PSC Security 863.297.1059 or USFinL Safety Officer 863-667-7999.

USFinL and PSC Safety/Security Departments encourage anyone who is the victim of or witness to any crime to promptly report the incident to PSC Security 863.297.1059 or USFinL Safety Officer 863.667.7999 or contact our USFinL Counseling Center 863.667.7701.



During business hours, the USFinL will be open to students, faculty, staff, contractors, guests, and invitees. During non-business hours, access to all College facilities is by authorized electronic access, key issue, or by admittance via PSC Security.  Any arrangements for access during non-business hours should be made through the USFinL Department Office Manager who will notify the USFinL Facility Manager.

In the case of an emergency closing, the College will only admit those with prior approval.



PSC provides security officers for PSC and USFinL on the Lakeland Campus.  They have the authority to ask persons for identification and to determine whether the individuals have lawful business at the Campus. Security Officers have the authority to issue parking violations to students, faculty, and staff. PSC Security officers do not possess arrest power. Criminal incidents are referred to local law enforcement or state agencies such as Polk County Sheriff’s Office that have jurisdiction on the campus. All crime victims and witnesses are strongly encouraged to immediately report the crime to PSC Security 863.297.1059 and to the appropriate law enforcement agency.  Abiding with public records, crime reporting is not confidential.  USFinL Counseling Center is available to counsel students on voluntarily reporting crimes.



USF’s policy 06-009 Weapons on USF System Property including Prohibition of Weapons on USF System Property, section B is located on the web-site.




Periodically throughout the academic year, a safety and security awareness presentation is given to staff and faculty on campus. In addition, other programs presented by USF Environmental Health and Safety are offered to staff and faculty

Starting in the fall, sponsored by USFinL Safety department and Student Health Promotions, students, staff, and faculty will be given the opportunity to attend self-defense and identity-theft training/courses provided by USF Police Force and Polk County Sheriff’s Department.




USF and PSC is a Drug-Free Work Place and a Drug Free Campus. University employees and students are prohibited from the unlawful manufacturing, possession, use, or sale or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol on campus property or as part of University activities.

USF Drug free workplace policy.

Information concerning the availability of drug or alcohol counseling, treatment, or rehabilitation is available to employees from the Human Resources Department and available to students from the Counseling Center.

Student Code of Conduct provides information on student rights, alcohol, drug, and other conduct issues.  

The Student Code of Conduct can be found on the USF web-site.

USF staff and faulty have the external EAP program for drug and alcohol abuse issues.  Reference USF Drug or Alcohol policy and abuse education policy.



On Campus – If a student reports being a victim of sexual assault or battery on campus we would immediately call 911 and then PSC Security and USFinL Counseling Center for follow up.  Law enforcement officers are trained in crimes of this nature and should take the initial report directly from the student.  Polk County law enforcement will initiate the investigation process and will provide immediate assistance to the victim so that the perpetrator can be apprehended.  Polk County law enforcement will inform the State Attorney’s Office of any sexual battery complaints on campus and may consult may consult with the State Attorney during the investigation of the complaint. If a student is identified as the perpetrator, the Dean of Students will be notified and will proceed with the college discipline process.

Off Campus – If a student reports sexual assault or battery off campus, the USFinL Student Counseling Center should immediately be notified at 863.667.7046.  The USFinL Counseling Center will advise the student of her/his rights, refer the student to the Peace River Rape Crisis Center so that she/he may receive advocacy support with this process and support the student with counseling.  If the sexual battery has not been reported to the police, the Rape Crisis Center will be advised and will advocate for the student with the police.  The USFinL Counseling Center will offer ongoing mental health counseling to the student.

Sexual battery committed by students is a violation of the USF Student Code of Conduct rule (USF System Regulation 6.0021 Student Code of Conduct).  Student perpetrators are subject to institutional disciplinary sanctions including expulsion as provided by the USF rule in addition to those stated above in accordance with State law.  Both the accuser and accused are entitled to the same opportunities to have others present during disciplinary proceedings, and both must be informed of the outcome of the disciplinary proceeding. 

The USF System Regulation 6.0021, Student Code of Conduct, provides that in a case of alleged violent conduct, injurious behavior, and non-forcible sex offenses and in specific cases of sexual harassment, the complainants/victims have additional rights, including but not limited to the ability to request a change in academic assignments.  For more details of this right and other rights affords to victim of specific offenses, consult the regulation

The Victims’ Advocacy Program will assist USF students who are victims of actual or threatened violence including assault, battery, sexual battery and attempted sexual battery.  Please call the Student Health and Wellness Center at 863-667-7046 for a referral.  

The Student Counseling Center provides professional counseling services to USF students.  The direct services that are offered include:  intake assessment, short-term personal counseling, group counseling, and referral services.

Student Health Clinic 863.667.7867, functions as a walk-in clinic two days per week for students.  Services include and on-site Nurse Practitioner.