Campus Life

Campus Life promotes a safe and welcoming atmosphere that enriches the intellectual, ethical and social development of our students by engaging them in community involvement and leadership opportunities. We are committed to providing excellent programs and services that promote student self-governance, respect for diversity, civic responsibility and life-long learning to help students grow and reach their full potential.

We are here to help you find your personal connection to USF in Lakeland.

Student Activities provide opportunities to build leadership skills, get connected to the campus, and network with other students on campus. USF in Lakeland provides quality opportunities that promote student growth and development through student involvement in diverse co-curricular programs and activities.

Research shows that students who get involved in co-curricular activities:

  • Receive better grades and are more successful in their academic program;
  • Are more likely to stay in school and feel more satisfied with their college experience;
  • Are more marketable when job searching and applying to graduate school; and
  • Develop valuable leadership and interpersonal skills.

Today's employers are looking for more than just a degree. They want communication skills, interpersonal skills, leadership skills, planning and organization skills, problem solving skills, and teamwork skills.