MoBull Messenger at USF

Emergency Text Messenging at USF

MoBull Messenger is part of USF's Emergency Notification System (ENS). It was established to notify our community in the event of a campus emergency. The service is free; however, standard text messaging rates may apply. Check with your carrier for details on your plan.

USF strongly recommends all faculty, staff, students at all USF System locations to "Opt In" for this important service.

Subscribers will be prompted every 180 days to review mobile phone information and selections.

Rave Guardian at USF


The University of South Florida is making important updates to enhance the accessibility of our public safety applications. As of July 31, 2015 the Guardian program will only be available for your use through the RAVE Guardian smartphone app. The previous Guardian call-in system will no longer be active. See below for additional information on how to access the new app.

The RAVE Guardian app allows users to turn a smartphone into a mobile safety device. Guardian will easily allow you to set a "precautionary timer" within the app as you travel from one area of the Tampa campus to another. The timer is set as you leave a location and cancelled through the app within in a specified amount of time when you arrive at your destination. The app will provide you reminder notifications to cancel the timer prior to the expiration. If the timer does not get canceled and expires, University Police will be alerted and are provided with critical profile information and a physical location via GPS so that they may assist you.

This program is voluntary and you must subscribe to activate the service. The service is only available for USF Tampa and can only be used while on campus

Smart 911

Providing First Responders with Critical Information

This program provides emergency responders with critical personal data about a subscriber in the event you call 911. This critical data may include a USF ID Card photo, class schedule for students, office location for faculty/staff, vehicle information and with certain phone carriers, a physical location of the individual via GPS location services. Having this information available to emergency responders can improve outcomes of emergency calls.

This program is voluntary and you must subscribe to activate the service. The service is only available for USF Tampa and can only be used while on campus.

NOTICE TO PERSONS WITH HEARING LOSS UNDER THE AMERICANS WITH DISABILITIES ACT: USF's Emergency Notification System is comprised of several communication channels including outdoor sirens, email, text messaging, digital displays and postings on various university web sites. The MoBull Messenger text messaging component is available to all students, faculty and staff without regard to disability. SMS text or written emergency notifications from MoBull can be made available to persons who register for the service in advance of their desire to receive such emergency notifications. By default, ALL active faculty, staff and students will receive written emergency notifications via email to their mailbox accounts.

USF Information Technology and RAVE Mobile Safety




MoBull Messenger

1. Go to NetID Account Services web site, login using your NetID
2. Click Update Emergency Notification Settings
3. Follow instructions to opt in, provide mobile phone number and select campus locations for alerts
4. Click Submit


Smart 911/Guardian

Sign up for emergency texts at USF


Smart 911/Guardian
NOTE: You must subscribe to MoBull Messenger first before signing up for Guardian/Smart911

1. Go to RAVE Guardian Profile (login using your NetID)
2. Under Guardian, click Learn More
3. Follow on screen instructions to download the Guardian App

Statement of Support

The University of South Florida's top priority is the safety of all students, faculty, staff and visitors. An Emergency Notification System (ENS) is an essential tool for providing the USF community with important information in the case of an emergency.

If an emergency situation occurs, MoBull Messenger, part of USF's ENS, will send a text message to subscriber's mobile phone with information and/or instructions on what to do.

This service is part of the University of South Florida's overall emergency preparedness efforts. USF urges all faculty, staff and students to "Opt In" since text messaging is an important means of contacting you in the event of an emergency.

Should faculty, staff or students opt out of the program, they must realize that they will not be notified via text messaging in the event of a campus emergency and, therefore, hold the University of South Florida harmless in such an event.

By providing us with your mobile phone number, you will be automatically enrolled in USF's Emergency Notification System, MoBull Messenger. By default, you will ONLY receive text messages in the event of an actual campus emergency.

The system will not be used for routine announcements. In addition, you may also receive an occasional test message to assure the system is operational.

Also note that data, such as cell phone number, will be only used for emergency communication and not for other campus uses without your permission.

To ensure the data integrity of the Emergency Notification System, you will be asked to verify your notification settings every 6 months.