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Disability Services
Services for Guests with a Disability

Disabled seating is located throughout the arena. Based on the event, there may be seats available on the floor level, main concourse level, or the upper level. When purchasing tickets, please inform the ticket office of your need to sit in a disabled seat. If you are injured after you have already purchased tickets, please contact the original point of purchase so they can accommodate you to the best of their abilities.

For ticketed events, all seating within a disabled section must be purchased.

For any non ticketed events, disabled seating are on a first come first serve basis.  To be fair to everyone, saving seats  will not be allowed. Due to limited capacity on the main level, patrons may be asked to sit on the upper level once the main level seating is filled.


Any companions attending an event can sit with a disabled patron. For ticketed events, each seat must be purchased. For non ticketed events, each disabled patron will be allowed one companion to sit with them.



Disabled parking is located in Lot 6 on the North side of the building between entries 1 and 2. A disabled parking permit is required for admittance into the disabled parking lot. Please have proper identification showing to eliminate parking difficulties and long waiting. There is also a pick-up and drop-off area in lot 6 near entry 2.  Click Here for Parking Map

Entries 1 and 2 are within a short walking distance to the building and offer flat surfaces for easy access to the building. There is an elevator in the entry 1 lobby for access to floor or upper level seating.

There are a few power outlets within each disabled section on the main level for recharging wheelchairs, respirators, etc. For assistance, please see a guest services staff member. If you are in need of power, please let the ticket office know at the time of ticket purchase.

Tampa Fire Rescue will be present for all events and can assist and treat most medical issues. If there is a need for transport, that will be coordinated by Tampa Fire Rescue as well.

Assistive animals are allowed within the facility. Please have your animal clearly marked upon arrival. Guest Services Staff will assist with seating.

Sun Dome does not have wheel chairs for personal use.

If you do not desire to use your chair, we recommend leaving the chair at home or in the vehicle as there is no storage within  the Sun Dome.

           A patron with an assisted walker may fold it up and store it by their seat as long as it does not block aisles.


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For more information, please contact the Sun Dome receptionist desk at 813-974-3111

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