The Controller's Office goal is to provide prompt, accurate, and courteous accounting services to the USF community. We work with University stakeholders to develop effective systems and reports that will help us fulfill this goal. Our responsibilities include maintaining the Universityís banking relationship and paying its legal obligations, evaluating and maintaining strong internal controls, collecting student, grant, state and other revenues, managing student accounts and coordinating internal and external audits.

What's New!

** An Expenditure Guide by Source of Funds and Method has been created. The guide may be found at http://usfweb2.usf.edu/purchasing/USF%20Expenditure%20Guide%20030514.pdf. The guide:

*identifies the most common types of expenditures (not all purchases in the USF System are listed)
*provides recommendations on which souce of funds may be used
*provides the preferred method of procurement/payment

** The Travel department recently implemented automatic direct deposit of travel payments for university employees to the same bank account where they receive their biweekly payroll deposit. These changes provide benefits both to the traveler and to the University. Some of the benefits include:

*Reduced time for you to receive your money
*Automatic deposit, no more running to the bank to fill out deposit slips
*More secure payments
*Reducd risk of lost or misdirected checks
*Prevention of fraud sometimes encountered with checks

** Take note of the USF fiscal year 2014 closing schedule.

UCO Mission Statement

The mission of the University of South Florida System Controllerís Office is to safeguard institutional resources and provide effective and efficient accounting and operational support while complying with Federal, State and regulatory financial guidelines.

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