Fall 2013 Important Dates


To Avoid $100 Late Payment Fee
August 30
To Avoid Cancellation of Registration for Non-payment of Tuition and $100 Late Registration Fee
August 30
To Submit USF Employee Tuition Program Forms
To Submit Intern/State Employee Waivers
August 29
To Request Registration Reinstatement with $100 Late Payment Fee and $100 Late Registration Fee 
September 27
For Financial Aid Recipients and VA Students with Deferments to Avoid $100 Late Payment Fee
November 1


State Employee Tuition Waiver Registration Begins
August 22 (5:00 PM)
To Avoid $100 Late Registration Fee (degree seeking students)
August 23 (5:00 PM)
Classes Begin 
August 26
To Drop or Withdraw and be Eligible for a Full Refund of Tuition
August 30 (5:00 PM)
To Add Courses, Change Schedule or Audit Classes 
August 30 (5:00 PM)
To drop or withdraw and receive a grade of W (fee liable/no refund)
November 2
Classes End 
December 6
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