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Activating Your Florida Prepaid


The University of South Florida downloads a file from Florida Prepaid and we automatically bill for all Florida Prepaid College students that are enrolled for Fall, Spring and/or Summer terms for the maximum amount allowed.

OUT OF STATE STUDENTS: Florida Prepaid is only billed for in state tuition. If you have Florida Prepaid and have been classified as a non-resident you need to bring your Florida Prepaid card to one of the following areas to be reclassified as an in state student:

  • Newly admitted to USF:
    Undergraduate Admissions, SVC 1036
  • Currently enrolled students:
    The Registrar's Office, SVC 1034

HOUSING: For the "Dormitory Plan" contact Housing at (813) 974-0001. Housing must notify the Student Accounting office to bill prepaid. Prepaid does not allow billing of housing for Summer Terms.

Inactivating Your Florida Prepaid

If you do not want the University to bill Florida Prepaid you must notify the Student Accounting Office. Please fill out and submit the Request Not to Bill/Resume Billing form prior to the first week of classes to have your account inactivated. You will need to submit a new form at the beginning of each semester you do not want prepaid to be billed.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is the per credit hour amount that Florida Prepaid will pay?
  • How do I tell if Florida Prepaid has been applied to my account?

    Florida prepaid goes on your student account as a third party charge, which reduces the amount you owe. It does not reflect as a payment on the Account Summary by Term in OASIS but as a reduction of tuition costs after it has been applied. In the student bill payment area the prepaid shows as **3rd Party Credit** on your account activity. Pre-paid usually goes on a few weeks prior to the first week of classes.

    Prepaid does not adjust on your student account automatically. If you drop or add a class towards the end of the first week of classes you need to contact the Student Accounting office to verify the amount that you need to pay to avoid a late payment fee for tuition.

    Florida Prepaid is not financial aid so it will not be listed on the financial aid award screen in OASIS as a resource

  • What fees does my Florida Prepaid plan pay?

    **PLEASE NOTE** - On your OASIS Account Summary all your per credit registration fees will be listed as tuition or have "tuition" as part of the description. Some of the tuition charges contain the local fees that are not covered by all Florida prepaid plans

    Tuition Plan - Covers Matriculation (Tuition) and the Building, Capital Improvement and Financial Aid fees. Students are responsible for the Technology, Green Energy and local fees, flat fees and all additional course fees i.e. lab, distance learning, repeat course fees, etc.

    Local Fee Plan (Tampa campus) - Covers most of the per credit hour tuition and fees. It does not cover the Student Union Enhancement flat fee and the Technology, Facilities, Green Energy and Transportation portions of the local fees and all additional course fees i.e. lab, distance learning, repeat course fees, etc.

    Tuition Differential - Students whose Prepaid plans were purchased on or before January 31, 2007 are exempt from paying the tuition differential fee (students must have prepaid hours available for billing to be exempt).For more information on Florida Prepaid and the tuition differential fee: http://www.myfloridaprepaid.com/add-a-plan/tuition-differential-fee-plan.aspx

  • What if I have Prepaid and the Bright Future's Scholarship?

    Bright Future's Scholarship and Florida Prepaid

    • You may use both programs to help fund your educational expenses. You do not lose funding in one program because you have the other.

    • Florida Prepaid is usually applied to the student account first.

    • Bright Futures funds are disbursed after the drop/add period which is the end of the first week of classes.

    • It does not matter whether Florida Prepaid or Bright Future's is applied first. Both will pay based on the number of registered credit hours.

    • BRIGHT FUTURES IS NOT AVAILABLE DURING THE SUMMER TERM. If you do not have any other form of Financial Aid for the Summer please be sure to pay the portion of tuition not covered by Florida Prepaid before the payment deadline to avoid any late fees.

    • Excess funds remaining after tuition has been paid will be applied to any other charges you owe the University.

    • If you do not owe any other charges a refund will be sent either to the student's mailing local address or deposited into their banking account if they have signed up for eDeposit.



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