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If you would like to add a site to the VITAL USF Faculty Showcase, please send a brief description of your site, for whom it was created, and a link to the home page to the following address:

Business Administration | Education | Engineering | Fine Arts

College of Business Administration
FIN 4414 Advanced Corporate Finance
Dr. Greg Smersh
220 Davis Hall, St. Petersburg Campus
Real Estate Decision Making
Dr. Greg Smersh
220 Davis Hall, St. Petersburg Campus
College of Education
A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust is a comprehensive Web site designed by the Florida Center for Instructional Technology. The site spans hundreds of linked Web pages and includes 300 images and photographs, songs in MIDI format, poems from the Holocaust, original source documents, student activities, and teacher resources.

A Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust

This site is comprised of field-tested case studies focusing on teacher knowledge areas/competencies as recommended by The Counsel for Exceptional Children. These cases are narratives about the universal challenges inherent in the "real world" of classrooms, teaching, and school. They have been written by trained case writers who interviewed classroom teachers from all over the U.S. as informants for the cases.
Clearinghouse for Special Education Teaching Cases

This site provides links to Internet safety resources and provides an overview of research studies conducted on cybersafety for children. Internet safety entails the guidelines and procedures implemented in public and private settings to protect the well being of Internet users.

Internet Safety Education Project

21st Century Schoolhouse is a teacher resource site that has been active for five years. The Schoolhouse offers links to 600 educational Web sites from around the world; 200 lessons plans in cooperative learning, cross-age tutoring, multiple intelligences, and thematic lesson planning with literature. The site also links to over 3,000 lesson plans in all areas and 10,000 worksheets in all subject areas. Created by Barry Morris, Ph.D.

21st Century Schoolhouse

Dr. Jeffrey N. Golub's website for his High School English Methods courses includes a description of the course goals, a list of representative class activities, and links to other websites that the students might find pertinent and useful.

High School English Methods

An explanation and interactive site explaining the Florida Accomplished Practices created by the office of Dr. Hilda Rosselli.
The Florida Accomplished Practices Site

Created by the Florida Center for Instructional Technology, FCAT 4th and 8th Grade Reading are designed to help teachers prepare students for the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test.

FCAT 4th Grade reading

FCAT 8th Grade Reading


An explanation with samples of the Continuous Teaching Cycle created by the office of Dr. Hilda Rosselli.
The Continuous Teaching Cycle
PT3@USF Mission

Prepare USF College of Education and district Alternative Certification Program (ACP) faculty to meet the National Education Technology Standards for Teachers so that faculty are prepared to provide pre-service teachers experience in the identification and implementation of a broad range of technology supported teaching and learning practices.

College of Engineering
The Wireless and Microwave (WAMI) Program was created to stimulate a multi-media approach whose end goal would be the continuing education and/or training of practicing engineers and graduate students in a specific microwave field with the various electronic tools presently available. The end product is not intended to be a lecture or an instruction manual, but an engaging learning tool and to be used as a reference source (such as an electronic book or chapter[s] of a book).

The Holistic Numerical Methods Institute brings a "holistic" coverage of numerical methods to engineering and physical science students through a "customized" approach. Holistic approach involves reviewing pre-requisites, learning the course material, and seeing how it is applied in real life. Customized approach involves simulations using a language of your choice - Mathcad, Maple, Mathematica or Matlab, and using examples from the major of your choice - Chemical, Civil, Computer, Electrical, General, Industrial or Mechanical Engineering. The new approach was motivated by students who have taken pre-requisite materials at different times and various colleges, who are skilled in diverse mathematical package languages, and who learn best through real-life examples.

Holistic Numerical Methods Institute - Committed to bringing numerical methods holistically to undergraduates
EML 3041- Computational Methods

College of Fine Arts
Theatre History I (THE 3110) The study of theatre history in its cultural context from ancient times to the age of Shakespeare with primary emphasis on historical evidence.

Theatre History II (THE 3120) The purpose of this course is to study the development of theatrical production in its cultural context from the Jacobean era to the contemporary stage .

Contemporary Performance Theory (THE 4562) A course for advanced students focusing on theatrical and dramatic theory in relation to actual stage practice.

Other Courses: Caribbean Theatre (THE 5534), Introduction to Theatre(THE 2100), Sound for the Stage (THE 3260)

All courses developed and taught by:
Patrick M. Finelli, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Theatre



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