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 270006  Beatrice Thompson Scholarship for the College of Nursing 
 270023  Certified Registered Nurse Anesthesia Program Fund 
 270010  College of Nursing Advancement  
 270100  College of Nursing Alumni Society 
 270110  College of Nursing Anniversary Fund 
 276010  College of Nursing Endowed Memorial Scholarship 
 270070  College of Nursing Faculty/Staff Scholarship 
 270140  College of Nursing International Affair Fund 
 270080  College of Nursing Minority Emergency Fund 
 276008  Diane Schuchat Graduate Nursing Scholarship 
 276130  Dorothy Benjamin Nursing Research Endowment 
 276011  Dr. Barbara A. Redding Nurse Educator Scholarship Fund 
 276030  Edith and Abraham Freedman Endowed Scholarship in Nursing 
 276120  Francis J. Bilisky Endowed Memorial Scholarship in Nursing 
 270180  George and Marian Miller Center for Virtual Learning 
 276009  Gordon Keller Alumni Association Scholarship 
 276100  Gordon Keller School of Nursing Professorship 
 270007  Gwen Gregory Helmer Cardiovascular Nursing Scholarship 
 276060  Gwendoline MacDonald Scholarship in Nursing 
 270026  INFORM - Institute for Nursing Faculty 
 276050  Imogene King Scholarship in Graduate Education 
 276080  John and Leanne Scott Endowed Scholarship for Nursing 
 270019  Josephine Catalano Pereira Scholarship 
 276150  Lewis and Leona Hughes Chair in Nursing Science 
 270160  Linda E. Moody Doctoral Dissertation Support Fund 
 276090  Linda Hunter Memorial Scholarship in Oncology 
 270190  Lunelle Allen Gassner American Indian Nursing Scholarship 
 276190  Lyall & Beatrice Thompson Nursing Professorship in Oncology 
 270021  Mary E. Weaver Nursing Scholarship 
 276003  Mary Lucille Sopkin Memorial Nursing Scholarship 
 270130  Miami Heart Institute Cardiovascular Nursing Scholarship 
 276020  Minerva A. Webb Rhinehart Oncology Scholarship in Nursing 
 270015  Negron-Gonzalez Nursing Scholarship 
 270028  Nichols Foundation Nursing PhD Cardiovascular Research Fund 
 270012  Nursing and the Arts 
 270022  Olson Nursing Scholarship 
 270013  Ona & John Riggin Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Scholar 
 270029  POWER with Nursing 
 276001  Patricia A. Burns Ph.D. Scholarship in Nursing 
 270014  Psychoneuroimmunology Operational Fund 
 270027  RESTORE LIVES Center 
 270002  Ruth E. Gay Memorial Nursing Scholarship 
 270750  Sandra L. Murman Nursing Scholarship 
 276110  Sarah Boyd Scholarship for Minorities in Nursing 
 270016  Shirley Marie Turner Scholarship 
 276200  Sigma Theta Tau Delta Beta Chapter Endowed Scholarship 
 276005  Tampa General Hospital Nursing Research Program Endowment 
 270011  The Barbara Harken Monsour Scholarship in Nursing 
 276012  Tom A. Tiedemann Endowed Scholarship in Nursing 
 270024  Transforming Healthcare Through Nursing Science 
 276170  USF College of Nursing Green Cross Scholarship 
 660001006  USF First Generation Scholarship Fund - Nursing 
 270090  USF Fund for the College of Nursing 
 270031  USF Nursing Center for Living with Chronic Illness 
 276007  Vincent and Heidi Bekiempis Endowed Scholarship 
 276070  Vivian Ross Scholarship in Gerontology Studies