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 PA0028  Department of History & Politics Operating Fund 
 PA0007  Eliason Humanities Scholarship 
 PA0002  Ethics Across the Professions Fund 
 PA0008  Fred A. Thomas Internship Operating Fund 
 PA0011  Harry J. Shaleman Jr. Memorial Geography Fund 
 PA0009  Howard Paulson Memorial Scholarship 
 PA6006  John Hope Franklin Endowed Professorship of Southern History 
 PA0005  Journalism and Media Studies Operating Fund 
 PA0015  USF Fund for USF SP College of Arts and Sciences 
 PA0013  USF SP Criminology Fund 
 PA0019  USF SP Family Study Center Operating Fund 
 PA0003  USF SP Florida Studies Program 
 PA0032  USF SP Graphic Design Operating Fund 
 PA0020  USF SP Science Journalism Operating Fund 
 PA0018  USF SP Tampa Bay Writers Network Fund 
 PA0001  USF Saint Petersburg College of Arts & Sciences Operating 
 PA0031  USFSP Biology Operating Fund 
 PA0022  USFSP Languages Literature and Writing Operating Fund 
 PA0023  USFSP Psychology Operating Fund 
 PA0030  World Language Operating Fund