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 251060  A. N. Nahas Research Fund 
 250052  AAST Research Fund 
 250018  Allen Reeves Cancer Research Fund 
 256130  Berry Shriners Chair in Pediatric/Orthopedic Research 
 250129  Breast CRISP Operational Fund 
 250223  Dennis Bandyk Visiting Professor 
 250049  Dr. Robert S. Haines Pancreatitis Research Fund 
 250810  Heart Pump Research Operating Fund 
 256760  John E. Turlich Endowed Memorial for Research 
 256023  John H. Daane Endowed Memorial Lectureship in Surgery 
 256480  Joy McCann Culverhouse Chair in Breast Cancer 
 256150  Juan Bolivar Chair in Surgical Oncology 
 250053  Klotch Head & Neck Surgery Award for Gen. Surgery Resident 
 251030  Melanoma Research and Education Fund 
 250106  Obesity Research Fund 
 251500  Plastic Surgery Resident Research Education Fund 
 250027  Research Division of General Surgery Memorial Gifts 
 251770  Research Residents Operating Fund 
 256450  Richard G. Connar Chair in Surgery 
 251310  Richard G. Connar Memorial Lectureship 
 251570  Surgery Operating Fund 
 251780  USF Surgical Scholars Program 
 250940  University Institute for Burn Research 
 251510  Vascular Surgery Research Fund 
 256022  Vivian Reeves/Joy Culverhouse Chair in Digestive Disorders